Food & Beverage Decanter Centrifuge

GN-FD (Food Decanter) series decanter centrifuge is specially designed for delicate food and beverage products are processed, and where exceptional hygiene standards are crucial.GN-FD series decanter combined efficiency and exceptional hygiene. GN-FD decanters are widely used for fruit and vegetable juices, spice extraction, wine, grape must production or dregs processing.

GN-FD centrifuge is designed for reducing oxidation in delicate food and beverage, and maximize the extraction of liquid from the material. The special designed sealing system is to avoid intake of air during operation for use in breweries and in the manufacture of a wide range of beverages and viscous foods, including fruit juice, tomatoes and soy protein isolate casein and lactose, coffee and tea, wine. GN-FD series decanter centrifuge have all necessary components compliant with food safety requirements

Food Beverage Centrifuge 1

GN Food & Beverage Decanter Centrifuge Parameters

Bowl Diameter 220 mm
(9 Inch)
360 mm
(14 Inch)
450 mm
(18 Inch)
550 mm
(22 Inch)
650 mm
(25.6 Inch)
760 mm
(30 Inch)
Bowl Length 924 mm
(36.4 Inch)
1512 mm
(59.5 Inch)
1890 mm
(74.5 Inch)
2310 mm
(91 Inch)
2730 mm
(82 Inch)
3328 mm
(131 Inch)
Max Speed (RPM) 4500 3900 3500 3150 2900 2650
Max G Force 2492 G 3063 G 3084 G 3051 G 3058 3000 G
Beach Angle 11/15/20 Degree (Optional for different applications)
Control System VFD + PLC +HMI
Bowl Material Stainless Steel SS2304/SS2205 by centrifugal casting
Screw Protection Hard Facing / Special treatment


Food Beverage Centrifuge 2

GN-FD decanter centrifuge main applications:

  • Production of fruit juice includes apples, pears, cherries, berries, grapes etc.
  • Production of vegetable juice includes beet root carrots
  • Processing of citrus fruits in juice production, and pectin production
  • Starch recovery and Protein Extraction
  • Soy milk and rice milk production
  • Tea, Coffee and bear, and wine production
  • Potato washing water recovery
  • Meat processing: Tallow recovery, fat clarification, blood dewatering

Features and Advantage of GN-FD decanter centrifuge:

  • High G Force and High Capacity
  • GN-FD food centrifuge is designed with high Hygiene standard and cleanliness
  • Material and Surfaces suited to food products
  • GN-CD centrifuge is designed for higher production yield rates for greater profit
  • Reduced process time between fresh fruit feed and product discharge Continuous process: no buffering of crushed raw products
  • Flexible application with one machine for different products.
  • Bowl speed, differential speed are easy to adjust by VFD according to different conditions.
  • aulic retention time and closed design)
  • Highest hygienic standards for food industry.
  • Continuous operation with less footprint
  • Waste water reduction and reduced fresh water usage
  • Flexible Adjustable degree of clarification