Edible Oil Decanter Centrifuge

GN-OD Series decanter centrifuge are specially designed for edible oil industry. The GN-OD centrifuge is used to extraction oil from different materials. The GN-OD are widely used for olive oil production, palm oil production, refining seed oil and press oil etc.

After fed into the centrifuge bowl, the olive paste is then smoothly accelerated by an inlet rotor. The wet solids were sent to the wall of the bowl by centrifugal force through instant sedimentation. The solids and liquid separation takes place in a horizontal cylindrical bowl equipped with a screw conveyor. Because the conveyer and bowl rotates in the same direction, and the differential speed between the bowl and conveyer will conveys the wet solids to the conical end. Because the solids is heavier than the oil, so the oil flows on the inside, and the heavy phase solids will be moved to the outer perimeter. Separation takes place all alone the cylindrical part of the GN-OD decanter centrifuge bowl. The liquid phases will then be discharged through the outlet into collecting tanks.

Edible Oil Centrifuge 17

Edible Oil Decanter Centrifuge Parameters

Bowl Diameter 220 mm
(9 Inch)
360 mm
(14 Inch)
450 mm
(18 Inch)
550 mm
(22 Inch)
650 mm
(25.6 Inch)
760 mm
(30 Inch)
Bowl Length 924 mm
(36.4 Inch)
1512 mm
(59.5 Inch)
1890 mm
(74.5 Inch)
2310 mm
(91 Inch)
2730 mm
(82 Inch)
3328 mm
(131 Inch)
Max Speed (RPM) 4500 3900 3500 3150 2900 2650
Max G Force 2492 G 3063 G 3084 G 3051 G 3058 3000 G
Beach Angle 11/15/20 Degree (Optional for different applications)
Control System VFD + PLC +HMI
Bowl Material Stainless Steel SS2304/SS2205 by centrifugal casting
Screw Protection Hard Facing / Special treatment


Edible Oil Centrifuge 29

Features of GN-OD Decanter Centrifuge for Edible Oil

  1. Increase the purification the oil and reduce the moisture on the solids.
  2. Careful treatment, and Extraction of seed oil or press oil focusses on yield increasing.
  3. GN-0D specially designed edible oil decanter centrifuge is to optimize the overall process decisively.
  4. GN-OD edible oil centrifuge is designed with high Hygiene standard and cleanliness
  5. Highly efficient algae harvest and oil extraction to maximize the ROI for users.
  6. Flexible application with one machine for different products.
  7. Bowl speed, differential speed are adjustable by VFD according to different conditions.
  8. Continuous operation with less footprint