Decanter Centrifuge for Russian Company about Drilling Waste Treatment Project

A Russian client ordered a Decanter Centrifuge (2 phase, for separing Solid and Liquid), with bowl diameter about 360mm and Max Bowl Speed 3200RPM, now it is ready in our work plant for final shipment. 

This Russian client plans to use our Centrifgue for removing fine solids from drilling waste, about 2~5 microns, while recovering drilling fluid for drilling activity, which would save a big money of drilling cost. This client orders an Fixed-Speed Model, while GN can also supply VFD-Model, for changing the speed, based on clients' specified projects for different purpose. 

Besides for Drilling Waste Treatment & Oil/Gas Drilling Mud Solids Control, GN Company  Decanter Centrifuge can also be widely used for different industries, including Wastewater Treatment, Oil Sludge Treatment, HDD, Bored Pile & TBM project, Mining Industry, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Separation, Chemical and Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Paper, Pulp, etc. 

GN focus on manufacturing Decanter Centrifuge for 11 years, and supplies about 250 sets for International market every year, with 70% supplying for International Market, including USA, Canada, Netherlands, UK, Australia, UAE, China, etc.

GN has two factories under operation, and manufacture a third factory now, with more than 100, 000 square meters totally.

GN can supply from 9 inch (220mm) to 30 inch (760mm), with bowl length and diameter ration up to 4.2, and adjust G force is up to 3000G, to meet different requirements. Please refer GN manufactured unit is used as coal tailing slurry centrifuge at working site.

GN can send engineer for helping the first time commissioning of the products if by clients request.

GN guarantees the goods for 14 Months after shipment or 12 months after commissioning whichever comes first, during the guarantee period.

GN would be responsible for problems caused by quality of production or raw material. 

Welcome to contact us for more Technical Specifications and Working Video of GN Decanter Centrifuge.